The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

How the Story Ends

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Spoiler alert: We know how your story ends. Of course, we don’t know how you get from here to there, but we know in the final moment you die, alone, to face what comes next. Winter is a special time. The world itself is going through a miniature death. Everything becomes silent and still and surrenders to the great beyond. …

The Truth about the World of Today

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The truth, my friends, is far simpler than most want to accept. All that exists in this world, are people. Laws, Nations, Codes, Religions — these are all just ideas that exist in the mind. They are real only to the extent that force backs them up and makes them real. People and force, islands moving like bumper cars according …

Steve Rotman, "Trailer", CCL

An Autobiography of my Descent: The Boy and his Dog, Part I

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Step right up! Step right up, Ladies and Gents! Our twisted little troup rolls again through the sultry streets of your mind, with words and images, to make the Path come alive. I’ve said it once and now I’ll say it twice: We have what you need as whispered from your heart’s insides. Come on over now, don’t be shy. …

Searching for Lucidity

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A quick post, but I wanted to share a personal quest. I have had lucid dreams exactly twice in my life. The first time, I became aware and did the traditional “flying” thing. On the second go around, I wasted it and had sex with Eliza Dushku. Not that sex with Eliza was a waste by any means, and to …